About MLTA

The mission of the Maryland Land Title Association is to promote professionalism and communication throughout the real estate title industry. This mission includes promoting standards and regulations that increase the effectiveness of the industry through legislative initiatives and educational programs.

Anyone who participates in the title industry in Maryland can benefit from membership in MLTA. Members include underwriters, title companies, attorneys who practice real estate, tax, and foreclosure law, individuals, abstractors, and title industry vendors. With the ever-changing regulatory and government landscape, it is vitally important that you keep abreast of the rapid changes in Maryland’s title industry.

We invite you to join and take advantage of these benefits of MLTA membership.

Why Join MLTA - by Nancy Gusman, Esq., CLTP

  • Lower registration fees are extended to members for Pre-Licensing classes and for Continuing Education classes that provide the 16 bi-annual credits required by Insurance Department Regulations. MLTA can provide all required credits, including 3 hours of ethics education.
  • Members pay reduced fees to attend the September Fall Convention designed to keep you informed of industry trends and to keep you in touch with fellow industry professionals.
  • Each member has access to the on line Membership Directory that can be used as a handy reference tool to locate other MLTA members.
  • Networking events, such as our Annual Crab Feast, held in June each year, allow you to meet and learn from colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The MLTA Member Directory is available on-line at the MLTA web site.
  • As a member of the MLTA, you will receive regular bulletins detailing changes in state and federal laws and recording practices, along with the quarterly MLTA Commitment that has many informative articles about our industry. You can access up-to-date information through the MLTA website.
  • You will benefit from the effective work of MLTA and its highly regarded lobbyist, William Pitcher, Esq. The weekly Legislation Report that he provides is sent to members during the session of the Maryland Legislature. He and the Legislation Committee work diligently to protect your business interests.
  • MLTA regularly puts the interests of our members before the Maryland Legislature. Members have the opportunity to support MLTA's PAC, which has the collective power and resources to best convey your opinions regarding legislation that could hinder or promote the industry and its services to consumers.

Membership renewal is yearly. Corporate members may include additional staff or office locations under your company name, to receive all communications, and to appear in the online Membership Directory. You may include with your application a list of staff members or branch offices you wish to add. Please provide complete contact information for all members included with your application, so that member services can be properly provided.

Complete the Membership Application, then e-mail or fax to the MLTA address noted on the form and below. Dues may be paid with check or by secure online transactions through PayPal.

1700 King William Woods Road
Midlothian, VA 23113-9106
(804) 241-2027 Phone
(804) 794-0248 fax
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MLTA.

Active Membership (Class A) (a) Active membership shall be limited to persons, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations or other business entities qualified or licensed in, and actively engaged in, the land title evidencing business in the State of Maryland. As a precondition to membership, each applicant for Active Membership shall subscribe to the Code of Ethics of this Corporation and agree to be governed by its By-Laws.

Associate Membership (Class B) (b) Associate Membership shall be limited to those persons, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations or other business entities of good character and business reputation that are not qualified for Active Membership, but who are engaged in any trade, industry or profession related to land title evidencing in the State of Maryland. As a precondition to membership, each applicant for Associate Membership shall agree to abide by the provision of the Corporation's By-Laws and subscribe to the purposes and objectives of the Corporation as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Corporation. The Associate Membership shall not be entitled to a Vote in the Corporation's affairs.