Front Foot Benefit Decision

MLTA is working to improve and clarify the rules concerning closings.

The Court of Appeals issued an opinion holding that front foot benefit declarations are not liens upon recordation, but can establish a lien by following the Maryland Contract Lien Act (i.e., by filing a notice of lien).

The MLTA participated in the appeal by paying for and filing an amicus brief.

Front Foot Benefit Decision (PDF) Acrobat-Reader icon


The Maryland Legislative Process

Do you have questions about the legislative process? Is the lingo something you’d like to learn? Do you want to better understand the status of the bills you review?
You may want to know:
How long does the Governor have to veto a bill?
What happens to bills that the Governor does not sign?
What does "returned passed" mean?
How about “passed enrolled?" 
What is an "interim study” and how can you be involved?

This is a succinct overview of the legislative process in MD.

This publication on “Legislative Lingo” is also helpful.