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One of the longstanding functions of the MLTA is to review and comment on legislation affecting the title industry in Maryland. The MLTA retains J. William Pitcher as our lobbyist in Annapolis, and maintains a Legislative Committee to review and track legislation, testify when needed, and either oppose, suggest amendments to, or provide drafts of, bills for introduction in a legislative session.

These are but two of the three prongs needed for an effective effort. The third prong is provided by the MLTA Political Action Committee or MLTA PAC.

The MLTA PAC was formed to raise and spend money to elect candidates for local or statewide office, regardless of political affiliation, who support the ideals of the Maryland title industry. Although gaining and maintaining political office is an increasingly expensive proposition, The Center for Responsive Politics notes on its website – Opensecrets.org – that “Only a tiny fraction of Americans actually give campaign contributions to political candidates, parties or PACs.”

As a result, campaign contributions from the MLTA PAC are appreciated by legislators, and enhance access to officeholders by the MLTA Legislative Committee members and Bill Pitcher.

In recent years, the Legislature has increasingly turned its attention to regulating the title industry in Maryland, and to consumer-driven measures that affect the quality of title. At the same time, the drive to maximize revenues has pushed some courts and counties into arbitrary decisions that prevent the timely recordation of documents. New legislation has been, or may yet be, required to protect title insurers and title insurance producers from the effects of these laws and decisions. The access afforded by MLTA PAC contributions improves the chance that the MLTA’s message will be received favorably on these issues.

The MLTA PAC benefitted from opportune conditions to establish a fund from which to make contributions to officeholders and candidates for office in the Maryland Legislature. To maintain and grow that fund, it relies on contributions from its membership.

Many MLTA members make contributions to the MLTA PAC when renewing their membership.If you have already donated, we thank you for your contribution. If you have not yet donated, we know that you will want to join others who have been so generous. Make a difference by returning the “MLTA PAC Contribution Form” with your contribution today!

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