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Dates for Pre-Licensing Course:

October 9 and 12 - Maritime Conference Center

January 8 and 11 – Maritime Conference Center
March 5 and 8 – Maritime Conference Center
May 7 and 10 – Maritime Conference Center
August 6 and 9 – Maritime Conference Center
October 8 and 11 – Maritime Conference Center

Non Member

$ 545

January 8 and 11, 2018

October 9 and 12, 2017

Corporate Member

$ 399

January 8 and 11, 2018

October 9 and 12, 2017

MLTA Pre-Licensing Class - General Information

The MLTA Pre-Licensing course has a long and valued history. It is presented live, by instructors who each have more than 20 years of experience actually working in the title business. They are not just instructors. They are practitioners.


It is required that you complete a pre-licensing course before you take the state government licensing exam. Our course is designed to help prepare you for that 100-question exam. The difficulty of the material depends upon your level of knowledge prior to the class. If you are totally unfamiliar with the terms and concepts, it will be more difficult. However, if you have purchased a house or have some basic knowledge of the closing documents and terms, it will not be as difficult.


The textbook, which is included in the cost of the course, is a significant reference tool for you to use as you gain employment in the title industry. 
Our class is $545, which includes your textbook and food breaks in the morning and afternoon both days. It also includes personal follow-up, if needed, for assistance in passing the exam.
Our live format allows you to speak on-site with the instructors. You also are given their contact information, in case you have questions outside of classroom time.

Please register at least one week prior to the class.


MLTA Title Producer License Exam Prep Classes


Date  - TBD - 8:30 am to 12 pm
Linden Hall
4765 Dorsey Hall Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042



This half-day class is limited to those who already have taken the MLTA Pre-Licensing course. It will provide additional help to prepare you for the MD Title Producer Licensing exam. A practice exam will be included.
The cost of the course, including materials, is $99.
To establish eligibility and to register, e-mail your name and the date you took the MLTA Pre-Licensing class to We will provide payment information and details by e-mail. 

MLTA Pre-Licensing Class Inclement Weather Policy

We will use BALTIMORE COUNTY SCHOOLS with regard to whether or not we start late, postpone, or cancel our Pre-Licensing classes.

If Baltimore County Schools are closed, we will NOT have class. We will reschedule as soon as a date and time can be established with MITAGS and MLTA Instructors. Students may reschedule for the next class offering. If rescheduling is confirmed by the student and MLTA within 48 hours after the rescheduled date is set, there will be no rescheduling fee.

If Baltimore County Schools open 1 hour late, the Pre-Licensing Class will begin 1 hour late (9:30 am).
If Baltimore Country Schools open 2 hours late, the Pre-Licensing Class will begin 2 hours late (10:30 am).
In the event of a late start, lunch will be cut to one-half hour. Students may bring lunch or purchase a lunch ticket at the Conference Center. If they choose to go off site for lunch, they will be expected to be back in their seats at the appropriate starting time.

Questions: 804-241-2027


Title Insurance Producer License Application

This link is for the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) website, Producers Tab. Go to the bottom right for the Initial License Application. You can select Word or PDF.
Complete the application and mail as instructed.

Pre-Licensing at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute of Technology -