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Please be aware that the Maryland Land Title Association has received several reports from our members that Sircon/Prometric, the company(s) now doing the continuing education course approvals and credit submissions, is not allowing title producers to carry-over excess ethics credits (i.e., more than three in a two-year cycle) to count toward the general title credits needed to renew their licenses. Consequently, individual title insurance producers are trying to renew their licenses and are being told that they are short on credits, even though they have 16 total credits, at least three or more of which are in ethics. This is a departure from past practices.

Your MLTA has reached out to the Maryland Insurance Administration and has received confirmation of this new practice of not allowing excess ethics credits to count toward the required title credits. For example, producers can no longer have 11 hours of title credits and 5 hours of ethics credits. It has to be at least 3 hours of ethics and at least 13 hours of title credits. Please notify all licensed producers in your offices of this change so that they can plan accordingly in getting their continuing education credits, thus avoiding a delay in their license renewals.

MLTA has both title and ethics credits available at all times. Click on “Education.”