BCH Chapter

Baltimore, Cecil, Harford Chapter of the MLTA

Mission Statement:
The mission of the BCH Chapter is to continue the MLTA’s efforts of promoting professionalism and communication throughout our industry through legislative initiatives and educational programs. The BCH Chapter attempts to achieve these goals with regular meetings to discuss the issues of the day, trends in today’s business practices and meetings with others in the industry, such as abstractors, clerks of the court, and other vendors that service our industry.  

MLTA BCH Chapter - next meeting - June 14, 2017, at 10 am

Key Title, Inc. | 35 Fulford Avenue | Bel Air, MD 21014

We will be discussing- 
New legislation 
Fall Convention 
MLTA and Education 
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The MLTA BCH Chapter Reports Success!

The BCH Chapter meeting with the Clerk of the Court for Harford County and his staff went very well.

Despite the fact that we had only 6 representatives from the entire MLTA Membership, our voice has been heard! We were able to meet with James Reilly, Clerk of the Circuit Court for Harford County; Linda Settle, Chief Deputy; and Ms. Claudine Adams, Manager, Harford County Circuit Court. 

The meeting was set specially to address the use of the blank first page cover sheet that had been put in use by the Clerk of the Court for Harford County. We inquired as to their reasoning, and they explained that they need an additional page to ensure that the stamps were legible and that, in the event of a re-recording, there would be room to add the re-recording stamp. After hearing their explanation, we agreed that it made sense, but still took issue with this blank page being shown as the 1st official page of the recorded document. 

The clerk and his staff agreed with our reasoning and agreed that, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, they would not be placing this blank page as the 1st page of the official recorded document, but that they would use it as a LAST PAGE instead.     

Because of the open dialogue between the Clerk’s office and our involved members, we were able to effect change immediately. It was our pleasure to meet with Mr. Reilly, Ms. Settle, and Ms. Adams. In addition to the open dialogue specific to the issue at hand, Ms. Adams was kind enough to bring with her packets of information, which she compiled for our membership, entitled Review of Selected Land Record Topics. This is a phenomenal resource for those of us recording in Maryland. We sincerely appreciate that Ms. Adams took time to put this together for us. I have a copy of the handout if anyone needs it. Those who were able to attend have copies as well. ( Click here for PDF copy )

Please consider joining and participating in your local MLTA Chapter. Your input and participation can and does make a change on both the State and local level.